Sunday, January 12, 2014

We Pick Who Influences Us In Our Lives

We pick who influences us in our lives. Maybe not who lives in our lives – but we pick who influences them by the people we choose to spend our time with.

We all have our nuclear families. Some are close, some aren’t. Then we have that first outer circle of relationships, and the next layer, and so on. We have a choice of who we look up to in our lives. It doesn’t have to be someone in our family if our family isn’t emotionally healthy. But it can be.  It’s up to us.

We invest in people by our own choosing. I realize there are some obligatory events and situations in life. But for the most part, we have choices. We choose who to text or call. We choose who to go to the mall or a movie with. We choose who to ask out for a lunch date or have over to our home for dinner and games.

WE choose.

We can enhance or hinder who we are as people, based on who we hang around and who we let influence our lives.  It’s not just celebrities whom we can admire! There are very real and authentic people all around us.  People who are gracious, generous, full of life and laughter, compassionate, good listeners, eloquent speakers, wise thinkers, and more. We can pull different qualities from different people based on our own weaknesses and the areas we’d like to grow and strengthen in our hearts and lives.

Each one of our lives go through seasons. Certain people aren’t always in our lives always. But they can still affect us in a good or bad way.  I still remember people from my childhood; they were wonderful examples to me of the kind of person and woman I wanted to be! I choose to let those memories and influences continue to affect me and shape me no matter what season I may happen to be in, with friendships.

Everyone can have good influences in their lives. People they look up to and admire. It’s all a matter of choice. Our choice.


Patti said...

I agree. Where we spend our time with others is choosing their influence.

Colleen Pence said...

What a great reminder of what really matters. I've found myself re-evaluating a few friendships as the new year started to be sure I'm surrounding myself with loving, caring people. My time is too valuable and life is too short to spend time with people who drag you down.

Dionna said...

Definitely, Colleen!

Bailey K. | Travel Heals said...

Oh man. I so agree with everything. Great post!

Dionna said...

Thank you, Bailey.