Monday, November 30, 2009

Waiting To Hear From God

Have you ever gotten frustrated just waiting to hear from God? I have. I’ve called out to Him saying “Here I am. Where are you? I’m waiting….” But am I really waiting? Or am I impatiently telling God that I need to hear His voice NOW.

I think a lot of our frustration in wanting to hear from God comes from the fact that we can be a little demanding. We want to hear from Him on our terms, in our timeframe, and on our turf.

I find it ironic that when I get frustrated enough, sometimes I will stop what I am doing. I’ll just sit, look out the window, look up, get on my knees, or close my eyes. I’ll stop. I’ll truly listen and I’ll be still. Usually calm will fill my heart, peace will saturate my soul, and suddenly everything that once was foggy will become clear. Amazing how that happens isn’t it? I focus on the Lord instead of my “issue” and priorities are quickly established. Usually those priorities (for me) entail letting go of my preconceived standards and expectations. And somehow – it works.

God is right there. All the time. Maybe we can’t hear Him because our own voice is a little too loud. Maybe we can’t hear Him because we’re too busy with distractions. Whatever the reason – He is there. He is just waiting for you to drop everything for but a minute…. And focus your entire being on Him – with Him – for Him.

You may not hear Him right away, but I guarantee you, you will feel Him.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

How Do You Write?

I recently had a parent-teacher conference. The teacher was praising my youngest daughter’s creative mind and her ability to write stories. As we were talking, she mentioned how she is teaching the kids to learn how to write, then re-write. To not expect perfection the first time around.

I was thinking to myself that it is so good to hone your craft of writing. I certainly don’t consider myself an expert on the subject but I don’t do re-writes. Not very often anyways. The best way for me to write – well – is to just spill it! My heart and my words just tumble out and flow along on the page. Those tend to be my most favorite pieces.

I’ve tried to write on “command.” And I can do it. But my articles and columns sometimes feel a little “rigid” or “stilted” to me when I write in this way. My point? My point is that everyone is gifted differently. And maybe the way one person writes (doing a rough draft, and then rewrite after rewrite) is not the best way that someone else can write. So why do we tamper with that? It’s like forcing someone who can play music by ear to learn to read notes! They were gifted from birth – let them rest in their gift instead of forcing them to adapt to the RIGHT way of playing music!

I don’t know the right or the wrong way to write. I only know what works for me. And that’s to simply let my heart do the talking. I kind of think that if someone tries to teach me how to do it in a more structured manner, I might lose some of my individuality and unique bent when I write. I might lose some of “me” coming out in my words.

Take instruction and teaching with discernment. Some of those voices are very wise and can truly arm you and guide and help you be better. But some of them are simply wrong choices for they will lead you out of your own creative box… one that was made and tailored just for you.


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