Tuesday, January 21, 2014

One of THOSE Days

There are those days.

The days where nothing seems to go right. You lose your temper with your kids, the errands don’t go well, the day’s agenda gets all messed up, and more.

You get discouraged and blue.

We ALL have those days.

We ALL get discouraged and blue sometimes.

I had one of those not too long ago. It was as if from the moment I woke up, things were just aligned against me. And I didn’t help my own case when I lost my cool with my daughter in the car.

I felt miserable afterwards. ALL morning.  For when I’m not right with my family, I’m just not right at all.

Here’s the thing though. It was one day. ONE day. ONE moment. I can do 100 things right as a mom and a wife, but when I mess up? Those things seem to have a life of their own. Regardless of if I was justified by having a bad day and other things going wrong – I lost it. I made the wrong choice with my attitude and my words.

And it felt lousy.

The thing we need to remember in those moments and on those days, is that just as bad days come – so will good ones. Just as we feel we messed up everything as a mom, so also, will those days come where we see the reward for doing something right. It’s a pendulum and it swings wide sometimes. We have to hang in there.

Just as we need to ask those in our life to forgive us, we need to forgive ourselves. Being human is one of the toughest things to accept about ourselves. But human we are. We will mess up. We will say things we regret. We will react before we think. We won’t handle situations as gracefully as we’d prefer. And yes, sometimes others will remember our words and our response. But hopefully, the bigger picture will win out. Our character, our heart, and who we are generally, in life, on a daily basis.

Don’t let one awful day ruin everything good about who you are. Start fresh again. Get on your knees and ask God to mend broken bridges and thank Him for His large doses of grace and mercy.

Maybe one day was awfully lousy. Maybe some of it was your fault and some of it wasn’t. But one day is just one day and it won’t last forever. Be determined to do better next time as you work on giving yourself grace. For if you can’t extend grace and mercy to yourself; how can you ever expect anyone else to?


Lora @ Crazy Running Girl said...

This is a great post! I agree, we all have "one of those days" but it comes down to how you handle it. Don't let it ruin the rest of your day!

Dionna said...

Yes, we do, don't we, Lora! Perspective always helps and can even turn the day around! Thanks for stopping by :)

Sarah, How My World Runs said...

I have the hardest time in the morning not losing it with my 12 year old daughter. What is it about getting ready for school that makes moms go nuts???

Dionna said...

Sarah - Do you always feel rushed? If you and your daughter both lay out your outfits the night before - that helps save time. Also, maybe have her have to be ready 5 min before you need to go out the door so any last minute things can be dealt with if they come up??

I hope your mornings go better for you!

Ashley said...

Great advice! I know I can have frustrating days with my almost three year old and 4 month old at home. But I love that every morning is a fresh start, a new try. And I notice when I start my day out with God that I handle things a little better.

Dionna said...

So true, Ashley! Even stopping what you''re doing for 5 seconds to pray and ask God to give you the right attitude and perspective can help! And you are so right - each day is a fresh day! I love that, too. :)