Monday, October 31, 2011

True Strength

Strength. Sometimes I strive for it in the wrong way. I try to muster up my own courage. I try to be stronger than I feel I already am, or squelch any fear I may be having. I try. I try. I try.

It ends up being all wrong. That’s why true strength can often elude us. WE are doing the trying instead of turning to God. True strength and power comes from the Lord. It is HIS might that helps us – never our own.

Isaiah 30:15 “Your strength will come from settling down in complete dependence on me.”

So many things I get wrong when I do all the striving and trying on my own.

“I.” I do the trying. I need to lay down the “I” and instead replace it with “HIM.” I need to depend on the Lord instead of depending on myself. If that means I need to acknowledge my own weakness and humanness, then that’s what God wants for me! Sometimes He just wants me to realize that it’s not by my own doing that I excel. The glory goes to God alone for getting me through life’s battles and giving me the courage and strength I need to be victorious in them.

I need to settle down. Often we can become little whirlwinds of activity trying to control the circumstances in our lives. We spin into motion trying to solve this or that. God often wants us to settle down and be still. Letting Him speak to us or move on our behalf. Those are the times when we start to focus, energize and gain momentum because we’ve given ourselves the time to listen.

God’s been teaching me a lot about His strength in the past year. He’s been showing me that so often we go at it backwards. When you want to be first, you need to be last. When you want to be at the top, you need to start at the bottom, and when you want to be strong, you must admit you are weak. Only then can we create room for God to work in us and FOR us.

If we are feeling weak and needing His strength, then we must give Him our attention and priority. We must trust Him.  And trusting means laying down the “me” and letting the “He” work in us and through us.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Accepting Myself

Why does it seem like most of us have such issues with accepting ourselves? We often wave away compliments or bring up our own flaws as a protection mechanism in case anyone else should happen to notice them first.

We compare ourselves. Minimize who we are. Talk negative self-talk. And we even compromise what we think and believe in order to be viewed as more acceptable.

For me, I think one of the most freeing things about being in your 30’s and 40’s is the fact that you learn to be more comfortable in your own skin. A little bit of life is tucked under your belt and for most of us, we are somewhat wiser than we were 10 years prior.

I do find though, that accepting and truly LOVING myself is like an ebb and flow kind of thing if I’m not intentional about it. It is far too easy to see someone skinnier, more beautiful, and more eloquent than I am. Comparing only hurts the uniqueness of who God created me to be.  And talking down to myself, minimizing, and compromising, also hurt.

Who would intentionally hurt themselves?  We do.  All of the time.

The older I get and the more I travel around the world, the more I realize how beautiful uniqueness is. I love discovering a new friend who is totally different than everyone else. I love watching someone with a truly distinct “character.” They are so fascinating! I love the freedom that these individuals have to be quirky, odd, or even what others would deem “weird.” I often find it charming.

God made each one of us to be separate and distinct. Not one of us should be a replica of someone else. No, we are made to be “stand-outs.” And yet we are so afraid of it. So afraid that the masses will reject who we are.

How much time do we waste trying to fit in when we were so obviously created to be unique? 

The more I allow myself and give myself the freedom to be different – to be “me” in all my distinctness – the more I find that others are drawn to me. And honestly – the more I enjoy myself because I’m living life within the boundaries that God made for me, personally.

It will probably always be somewhat of a struggle for us to accept ourselves but the more we practice it, the easier it gets. And amazing things happen when we live within our God-given roles as people if we would just stop fighting against ourselves….and start loving.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Beauty of Mothering

Do you feel beautiful? You know, once a woman becomes a mother she sometimes loses her sense of beauty.  It's no one's fault, really. There is a lot of drudgery, and messy stuff that comes with being a mom. And face it - there isn't always time to devote to pampering yourself or giving yourself extra perks to make yourself feel beautiful! In fact, it's just enough to sometimes get dressed and out the door - am I right? 

But there IS beauty in being a mom. Do you see it? Can you feel it? 

It might take some objective looking at other moms for you to see and feel the beauty that permeates the heart of every devoted mother.

I believe a mom is beautiful when she tenderly picks up her child after they have fallen and lovingly kisses their scrapes.  A mother is beautiful when she wipes her child's messy mouth, or laughs at their little antics. Do you feel beautiful when you laugh? You should, you know! For laughter makes a woman's face glow.

I think mothers are beautiful every time they caress their child's face, or hair. You can just see the love radiate from their heart. And mothers leave a trail of beauty everywhere they go. You can see beauty in a homemade meal, in lovingly folded laundry, or  in the clean streaks left on a window or mirror. Every time I smell cinnamon, fresh bread, home baked cookies, salsa, or any other kitchen scent - I know that a mom has done something she probably felt was mundane - but something that came across as beautiful to her family.

Are you JUST a mom? Not even! There is no beauty that can compare to that of a mother. Not even when you've been up half the night with a sick child, or when your clothes are wrinkled from wrestling, cuddling, cleaning, or playing with your kids. If you love your children, if you enjoy your children, and do what you can to nourish, nurture, bless, and guide them --- you encompass beauty in everything you do and in everything you are.

Don't apologize for being a mother. Don't feel "less" than someone else because you are "just" a mom. If you look for the beauty - you will surely find it... because it's everywhere and in everything you do.

*This post originally appeared on in Dec. 2006.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm Not Leaving

Sometimes I just want to tell Satan to spend his time and energies elsewhere. Actually, I always want to tell him this. But some times, more than others, I feel like he thinks he can defeat me. I feel like he must think he will win my soul because the spiritual battle and warfare can feel sooo intense.

You can almost feel the heat on your cheeks.

When these times come, I want to shout at the top of my lungs, “I’m not leaving! I’m not leaving my God! So give up!”

I guess it’s the warrior in me. The rebellious part of me that refuses to become a victim. Sure, sometimes I whine and groan like one – but when push comes to shove, I usually end up with a fighting spirit somewhere inside of me. Some part of me that wants to engage and not lose whatever battle it is that is waging over my head.

I’m not leaving.

There is no “out.” No matter how you feel, you have to decide for yourself that whatever comes your way; you will still serve and obey your Lord. It’s the only way. It’s kind of like marriage. For better or for worse – you’re in it. Forever.

Sometimes yelling does some good. Some times things need to be said. Sometimes tears need to fall. But when push comes to shove, don’t let Satan think he even has a hint of a chance at gaining access to your heart.

Tell him you’re not leaving. And then tell God.

My guess is, if you’re anything like me and you get that determined mindset to take over and you just decide that you’re in the battle to get stronger (because you’re certainly not going to throw up your hands and give in to defeat) that you will find the war starts to recede. The attacks come less often or with less strength.

It’s because when you call upon the power of the Lord, when you decide to use your faith as a weapon and cry out “I’m not leaving! Bring it on!”  --- there are stronger forces at work than simply your own strength.  Sometimes God is simply waiting to see if we feel He is worth fighting for or not.

I hate battles. Even though they make me stronger with each one, I still hate them. They hurt and they leave me with scars. But there is no “out” for me, in my walk with the Lord.

I’m not leaving.