Thursday, May 10, 2012

Presuming to Know What God's Answer Is Going To Be

I can be too big for my britches sometimes. I mean, I act as if I know what’s going to happen before it happens. I predict.

I often make choices based on what I think WILL happen. I play God.

We all play God sometimes. It’s our pride – our emotions, our fears.  We let them overtake us and fuel us in directions that God might not have intended us to go in.  All because we THINK we know what His answer would be if we came to Him with those very same pride issues, emotions, and fears.

It’s like a child who doesn’t ask a parent something because they just know the parent will say “no.” But do they? And do we?

We presume to know what God’s answer is going to be. We presume.  And that’s just not fair to Him….or ourselves.  We shoot ourselves in the foot simply because we think He won’t bless, okay, or allow something.

Sometimes we have to reach the point where we are shown where our struggles are and where our heart has been wrongly focused. We have to break a little in order to see that we’ve shortchanged God out of the equation of helping us.

Who are we, to presume to know God’s intentions for our life? Who are we to assume that we know what the future holds?

I don’t want to be that kind of a person. I want to hold onto hope. Even if I’m wrong, I want to give my Lord the benefit of the doubt. I want Him to know that I trust Him and I believe that He CAN do anything for me and in my life!

We don’t know what God’s answers are going to be to our requests. We don’t know what He sees in the big picture of our lives. So why not give Him a chance to blow us away? Why not simply come to Him and ask…just because we value our relationship and Him enough – to ASK?

God’s answers are as varied as we are. Each one colored, packaged, and shaped differently – yet personally just for us. He just might be waiting for us to value Him enough to step up in front of Him and ask.

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