Thursday, May 17, 2012

Do You Want To Be Healthy? ~ Klutchclub!

I have been trying to change my health habits by making intentional baby steps the last few years.  More and more, I realize the importance of eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It's been a struggle for me because I love fatty foods and I live in a cold climate that doesn't always encourage exercise. But each baby step I make, is one step closer to feeling good and living longer in a body that feels healthy and energized.

I don't know about you, but if I have chips on hand, I'll eat chips. But if I have healthy food on hand - I'll eat healthier food!

I was so excited to discover there is a company like "Klutchclub." Klutchclub sends its members a box in the mail each month filled with healthy goodies and samples.

I received this box....

It had:

*A yoga workout DVD by Kristin McGee
*A bottle of Zico coconut water
*A bottle of Flax Oil to add to yogurt, dressings, etc
*3 flavors of anti-oxidant teas to help improve my skin
*Energy drink powder to add to my water with 0 calories!
*Rose Hips Black Soap Facial Cleanser (microdermabrasion in a bottle)
*A $25 gift coupon to Hyde yoga clothing company
*A peanut butter and dark chocolate Kind granola bar
*Enjoy Life seed and fruit mix
*Enjoy Life garlic and parmesan lentil chips

All that in one box!

First of all - the box is soooo fun to open. It slides right out and it feels like Christmas to find all the goodies packed so neatly inside.

If you are anything like me, you will find that you are overwhelmed to know what healthy products to choose at a grocery store. Plus, they are downright expensive. With Klutchclub, you can sample all sorts of things and know if you like them or not before buying them. For instance, I'd always wanted to try coconut water but didn't want to buy a whole case if I didn't like it! So I was so excited to find a bottle of coconut water in my Klutchclub box! (It's very refreshing! Just tastes like water with a hint of coconut flavor.)

I think Klutchclub is a genius idea. Each box is only $18 and it contains over $50 worth of products. Plus, you are pampering yourself and investing in yourself when you spend that $18. If you want to subscribe to 3 months of Klutchclub, it's only $17 a box and if you sign up for a year, it's only $16!  That's not very expensive if you think about it! And just imagine how fun it will be to have a gift box full of healthy goodies in your mailbox every month!

I am only halfway through trying out some of my goodies. I'm totally sold on the peanut butter and dark chocolate KIND bar (which I ate as a snack instead of chips one day because - yep - it was available!) and I plan on spending an evening doing yoga with my girls soon (who both wanted to try it out with me!)  I already take flax oil supplements so having a liquid bottle to add to meals is a super big plus. And they didn't send me a tiny sample bottle, but a full size bottle that will last quite awhile! I already devoured the lentil chips (the first thing I tried) and as someone who drinks a lot of water, the energy powder came in handy to add to it on a day that I was feeling pretty tired.

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know I am never frivolous about what I write. I write only what I believe. And I think Klutchclub is a good investment. Sometimes we need that extra push to take care of ourselves, and if we had healthy snacks and drinks delivered right to our door - maybe that's just the push we need to start being good to our own bodies!

For me, I'm seriously thinking about signing up for a subscription.  And if I sign up in May (or if YOU sign up in May), you can get 10% off your purchase if you use the code "Brightpink" plus 10% will go to this charity that helps in early detection, prevention and awareness of breast & ovarian cancer. As a woman, that is another investment in yourself and your future!

Take a minute, stop by and check them out. Seriously think about investing in at least one box to try. If you can't invest in a box or subscription for yourself, ask for one for your birthday or give one away as a gift!  We could all eat and think "healthier" for our lives.  Plus - it's just plain fun.

*Disclosure: As per FTC guidelines, I need you to know that Klutchclub provided me with this box for my honest review. I received no money nor did they influence me in any way for this review. All opinions and thoughts are 100% mine.

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