Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Week In Washington DC

Last week I went to Washington DC with my daughter and her history class. I think there were 80-something of us total.

It was a "whirlwind" of a week but one that was super fun. I can't believe we were able to go to so many monuments, historical sites, and museums. I was so tired!

I'm still so tired. I think I need a "vacation" to recuperate from my vacation! I haven't quite caught up on my sleep yet and even now as I type this out on my keyboard, I find my eyes feeling very heavy. But life resumes and eventually, I WILL get rested up.

Being in Idaho right now which is very dry and brown; I LOVED the greenery in Washington DC. What a pretty city! I loved the beautiful history in the architecture and buildings. I loved being around teenagers who made me laugh and feel young and free. I loved seeing things that I've read about in history books since I was a young girl.  I mean, can you even explain what it's like to look down on the Declaration of Independence? Or to see the hat that President Lincoln wore the night he was shot? How about George Washington's coffin? Or the Guggenheim Bible? Iconic moments.

I learned a lot on this trip. I learned things about our country, about my God, and about myself. I think for most of us Americans, we have forgotten where we come from. We've forgotten what is and was at stake. We have grown up in such a privileged state that we grow accustomed to a certain way of living. We have "expectations." But it was very sobering to see what our ancestors have fought for. What they have given us...many times with their lives.

It was refreshing to see leaders who had strong morals and character. Men (and at times, women) who would not bend to the vocal majority but who believed passionately in our land, our freedom, and our GOD.  Oh how I long for more men and women such as these to be vocal today!

I still love this country very much. It makes me sad to think of the direction we are going in. But I am reminded to pray for my people and my land. Look back and learn so that we can go forward with more conviction and character.

Yes, I'm very patriotic. I always have been. But now I have added perspective to add to my patriotism. And for that, I'm so thankful.

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