Thursday, September 24, 2015


If you are a leader, you may know that leadership isn’t about us. It’s about others.

Leadership isn’t about our success. It’s about inspiring, encouraging, motivating, and growing other people, so that they are stronger and better people. So that they can go further. Dream bigger. Plan smarter.

Leadership isn’t about getting all the glory of something for ourselves. It’s about showing others how to humbly handle good news and give the glory to God.

A lot of times, a leader can lose perspective once they are elevated and put in a place of authority and leadership. It is easy to believe what everyone says about you, especially if it’s all good. You can so easily think you’re terrific, just like everyone says you are.  But a true leader remembers how easy it is to fail at something. How quickly you can be humbled. They remember they are in that role as the greatest servant of all.

A lot of people lead. But not all of them are great leaders. The greatest leaders stay relatable. They stay reachable. They remember their humanness. They keep a great support system around them so that they can hear both constructive criticism, as well as compliments.

They stay balanced.  Focused.

God says that those who are in leadership positions will be held to a higher accountability than those who are not. That’s a lot of responsibility to live up to! To know that you will be judged in a harsher light than those who come along and follow you is a great reminder of how important and valued your role is.

We are not all worthy to be leaders. In fact, the very ones who think they are unworthy to be leaders, are the most fitting. For they are the ones who have their priorities in order. They keep things in perspective.

God can put any king on a throne just as easily as He can remove them. He can put any leader into leadership, just as easily as He can remove them from it.

Value your position. Pray about it. And hold it wisely in your hands.

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