Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Character Matters More Than Arithmetic

I’m lucky. My kiddos have always been pretty good at learning. They were good kids as well. Their teachers (most of them,) loved them. They stood out.

My kids stood out in class, not just because they did good on their work, but, because they were exceptional people.

I didn’t have to motivate my girls much when it came to their schoolwork. They were usually harder on themselves than I ever could be, on them. They expected a lot out of themselves. Especially my youngest. In fact, we had to encourage her to lighten up at times, because she would stress herself out, and forget, that these are the years to have fun!

One thing I always told my kids – was that as long as they tried to do their best, that was all I expected or wanted from them. I would be happy if they got a “C” in class, and they worked really, really hard for it. It didn’t have to be an “A” if they found things challenging for them. For I realize that not everyone is good at every subject. I can never wrap my brain around math, for example! So I knew my children would be stronger in some classes, and weaker in others.

What mattered the most to me, as their mom, was their character. And that is what I told them.

I’m not here to raise doctors, lawyers, scientists, or presidents. If my children become those things – then great. But I will be proud of them not because of their occupation, but because of who they are as human beings. I want them to have good characters, values, and morals – whether they are a mailman, a construction worker, a dog walker, or an engineer.

Kindness matters to me. Gentleness. Forgiveness. Compassion and understanding. Empathy. Integrity. These are the things that matter in life. In relationships.

I’m thankful my kids have learned how to read and write. I’m glad that they know how to add. But education is only important to me as far as that it takes my children to where they can be beneficial and happy in life doing what they love. The rest – I can leave it.  It’s character that matters. Character that counts. And character that will impact everyone in life.

Whether or not you find it valuable.

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