Thursday, June 2, 2016

Friendship Is a Two-Way Street

Investment. It’s what relationships are all about. We need to invest into each other’s lives.

You know those sayings, “It’s the friend you can call up at 2 am, that matters.” And, “look for the friends that will drive 5 hours, to spend just 1, with you.”

I know them too. And I like them.

There’s a side of my heart, though, that is unsettled. I see people posting these beautiful graphics, with these quotes, on facebook, twitter, and instagram. And I want people to digest that we need to be more like this “friend” they are speaking of. But, and it’s a big BUT, for me; I sometimes get the feeling, that people want this kind of friend in their life, but they fail to see they need to BE this kind of friend, as well.

We can look for that friend who we can call in the middle of the night. But, are WE the friend who can be called in the middle of the night?

We can feel so blessed and thankful for those who come 5, or even 10 hours or more, to come and visit us. But do we go and visit others who we say are important to us? I’m putting an “exception” on families, here. For families, (most of them) usually come first. I’m talking about friendships.

When was the last time, instead of telling a friend who is long-distance, that you miss them – that you actually booked a trip to see them? Or do you just keep inviting them to come and see you?

It’s a two-way street. And to be honest, most of us drive along it, like it’s a one-way. 

For most of us, if we want our friendships to flourish, we rely on the other party to do the work. To do the investing. And if they don’t….the relationship withers, because we don’t do our part.

I will admit, I’m guilty here, too. I am unable to see as many people in my life that I care about, as I would like. But, I also know, that I’ve gone to extra lengths to be a part of special events in some of their lives, because they mattered to me. And I’m glad I did. I will never regret it.

So – as you seek authentic friendships in your life, I beseech you, to BE the kind of friend you seek. BE the one who writes a note of encouragement. BE the one, who attends the wedding.  BE the one, who sends the flowers, or gives the phone call. Be that one. Don’t just want that one. 

Everyone needs someone. That someone, may just be you.

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