Friday, June 17, 2016

There's No Courage In Being Cruel

We all FEEL.  We all hurt, laugh, cry, get anxious or stressed, get nervous, act foolish. We ALL feel lonely at times. Rejected. Looked over.  We ALL get jealous. We ALL love.

That’s being human, for ya.

The thing is, I think sometimes we forget that we are all so similar. Sometimes, OUR feelings are the only feelings we take into consideration. The only ones we think matter.

And they aren’t.

We so often choose the harder thing, than to simply do the easier thing – the kind thing.

It’s easier, to think that someone might be having a bad day, than to flip a finger at them in traffic.

It’s easier, to admit the truth, than to live a lie. And it’s easier, to be gentle, than it is to be harsh. And it’s more fun.

There is no strength in being a bully. No courage in being cruel.

Usually, we are hurting ourselves as well as the person we are targeting. And usually, we were already hurting in the first place.

Making someone else feel small, never makes us taller. It only makes us mean.

I want to be someone that my children can be proud of. I want to have the kind of character that people won’t question.

Yes, I want courage. I want the kind of courage that swallows a mean comment. I want the kind of courage that turns the other cheek when something mean is said to me. I want the kind of courage that sticks up for someone that everyone else has abandoned. 

I want the kind of courage that loves the unlovable.

Mean words are only a symptom of a hurting heart. They only demonstrate a lack of understanding.

Maybe we have anger inside of us. Maybe we were wronged. Ok. But hurting someone else is never the answer.

If you truly seek to be courageous … seek to overcome.

And courage, you will find.

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