Monday, July 25, 2016

Because I Choose Him

There is a cost to being a Christian. I know it. I feel it. 

People so easily label you once they find out what you believe. They assume how you will feel and act, in any certain situation or circumstance.  They assume I won’t want to be their friend, that I won’t love them, if they do “such and such” or behave in a certain manner.

They are wrong.

In fact, it is MORE likely that I will stick with them longer, and further, than some of their other “so-called” friends, purely BECAUSE of my faith. It is MORE likely that I will be trustworthy and genuine, BECAUSE of what I believe.

Oh yes. I know that’s not true for all of us who label ourselves with the word, “Christian.” I wish it were.

It should be.

We all should be different, because of our choice to choose God as Lord of our lives. I know I am.

I make the choices I do in my life - because I choose God.

I have joy in my heart, despite my trials and challenges, because of my choice to follow the Lord.

I am happy. I feel blessed. I feel free. Because I choose HIM.

And He has chosen me.

I’m not anything special, in and of myself. I am supremely flawed. I can be a huge dork. At times, I feel especially needy.  But He loves me just as I am. He has been faithful to me. He chose me, despite my inadequacies, fears, doubts, and immaturity.

And He continues to choose me. He continues to want me.

So, I try to be honest, because I owe God everything. I owe Him my life, my joy, my dreams; my everything.

I try to be obedient. I try to love others, as He loves me.

I try to be respectful, civil, and forgiving (as hard as a lesson that is for me to grasp.)

All because I love Him – and so I make my choices in life – based on that wholehearted love.

HIM. I choose Him.

That’s why I am who I am. And I, for one second, have never regretted that choice. He’s never led me wrong.

How great is thy Father’s love…… and oh how I’d love to share it with you.


quietspirit said...

Dionna: You are so right. It DOES cost us something to be a Christian. But I have to look at what it caused Jesus to grant us the privilege to be called His. I know I can't live an exemplary life without Him.

GammySel said...

I am so glad I found you again. Great post! you are right- it does cost and the Lord Jesus does say that in scripture.. He does not promise anything but trials and persecution. If man was willing to persecute and kill the Messiah who was able to save, I am No One to them. God gives us the strength, comfort, peace and the love we need to endure this life. And He gives us each other to walk along side, to bear the cross for each other as Simon did for Jesus did in scripture when Jesus could not hold the cross any longer- and he was given the cross to carry for a while. I often wonder if Simon knew of Jesus- If he knew who he was carrying that cross for, if he believed, but known the less someone else in Jesus weakest moment was chosen to carry His cross for Him. What a great privilege we have each day to take up the cross of Christ and follow hard after Him.

Bless you dear Sister
Lita (Angie)

Dionna said...

Angie -
Glad you found me again, also! Was I lost? HA HA