Friday, July 29, 2016

If You Love Me, Don't Let Me Go

Everyone wants to know love – to feel love.

Everyone wants someone to have their “back.” To fight for them and with them.


I wonder, how awful it must feel, to live life without love. Without feeling it, without knowing it.

There are people who are in those shoes, right now. They don’t feel your love. They don’t see it, hear it, or know it.

They are lost. Alone. Crying and hurting.

The baby who is about to be aborted.  The baby who just wants to be loved.

The man on the streets, who sleeps on a cardboard out in the cold on Thanksgiving, while his family dines on turkey at home.

The cousin who has to go back into rehab again.

The youth who ends up in jail. And has no visitors.

The child who huddles up, locked in their room, as mom and dad yell, and throw things at each other.

They just want to be held.

Mistakes will be made in life. And some people have made plenty. But where is grace? Where is mercy?

Where is love?

They may be unsteady. They may not outwardly be asking you of anything. But inwardly, they are shouting – “Am I worthy of love?”  “Am I valuable?”

“If you love me, don’t let me go.” “Don’t let me fall. Don’t let me fail.”

“Be there for me. Love me. “



quietspirit said...

Being there for someone who is hurting is very basic to my beliefs.I have seen people be there for one another every week. I experienced it when I was on the receiving end. It helped me and my husband and my son get through a very tough three months.

Dionna said...

I think when you have a need, and someone is there for you, it "hits" home a lot more, how important it is. I'm glad some people were there for you, when you needed them.