Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Choose To Surrender, Or Choose To Fight?

Each of our lives is a story. And like all stories, our lives are full of tragedies as well as triumphs.

I’ve always wondered how some people seem to overcome things in life, while others fall victim to their circumstances. I’ve wondered how some of us find the stamina to change what is happening to us, instead of letting what is happening to us, change US.

I’ve laid in bed crying time and time again, over things weighing on my heart. I’ve pondered them, turned them inside-out and upside-down.

I’ve grieved over them.

And then, I’ve gotten back up. Mustered what little courage I had in that moment, and moved onward.

Because it always seems to me that we have two choices when faced with challenges. We can either choose to surrender, or we can choose to fight.

And I choose to fight.

Sometimes, fighting is simply not waking up feeling defeated. Sometimes, it’s rejecting a label that someone has placed on you. Sometimes, it’s in refusing to accept a situation altogether and doing something about it. Whatever it is, it’s never to surrender.

Some of us surrender. That’s why we don’t become what we dreamed of becoming. It’s why we don’t have the relationships we desire to have. It’s why we feel like a victim all of the time.

Bad things happen to everyone. I mean it. EVERYONE.  The reason why we feel like we have a stacked deck against us, and they don’t? They choose not to dwell on it. So we don’t really know, that they have even dealt with “bad,” at all. They have chosen to fight, by choosing to overcome.

There is no “secret sauce” in overcoming, you know. We all have it in us. We can all make that choice. Even if we can’t change a circumstance, we can choose our attitude. Even if we can’t change our surroundings, we can choose our priorities.

You are more powerful than you know. You’ve had it all along – that “control” of what you will choose in your life. 

What will your choice be? Surrender? Or to fight?

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