Monday, October 15, 2018

Those Chips On Our Shoulder

Chips.  Those ones that sit on our shoulders. 

There are too many of them.

Not one to ever stir a pot - I see one being stirred anyways.  

It’s being stirred by the person who always thinks that everything bad that happens to them, is because of their race or color. Not because they weren’t a good employee, spouse, or person.

It’s being stirred by the person who feels left out because they are “gender-different”. They don’t consider the fact that maybe the activity simply is meant to be “fun” for a group of guys, or girls, or friends. And that they can start their own.

The pot is being stirred by those who can’t handle any kind of views, beliefs, or thoughts that are different than their own. Especially in government. It doesn’t matter if good is being done. Morality is being restored. Or values being enhanced. If they can’t do what they want - they don’t like it.

Even if it’s illegal.

We can rephrase things. We can twist them. We can protest against them.  But none of that will change what is going on inside of US. 

None of it will change those chips that sit on our shoulders. Chips that have nothing to do with anyone else - not really. They started with our parents. With being bullied. Rejected. Emotionally ridiculed and abused.

And then we let them sit there. For years. Until they embedded themselves so deeply that we found ourselves letting those moments, those people, affect everything we did. Everything we said. And everything we believed about the world, and about ourselves.


There are too many of them.

It starts with us. It starts with us getting healthy ABOUT us. 

It starts with us recognizing our character. Do we have any?

It starts with us treating that cancer inside of us that we let grow and grow and grow.

It’s time for healing, don’t you think?

Life IS unfair. And maybe you WERE fired because of your race or your color. But maybe? Maybe you were fired because you didn’t do a good job.

And maybe someone DOES think differently than you. That doesn’t mean they can’t still like you.

We get “off” on stirring the pot, because we’re unhappy. And we feel unloved. It’s time to change that.

And it starts with me. It starts with you.

It starts with getting rid of those chips on our shoulder, that we’ve let sit for far, far too long. 

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