Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Which One Are You?

People leave footprints in our lives. On our hearts. Some imprints we let come in and stay - when we shouldn’t.

We need to be very careful about who we open the door to.

Not everyone wants to be our friend. Not everyone is giving us unselfish and loving advice.

Not everyone, is thinking of US.

On the other hand, some of us don’t open the door at all. We don’t even look to see who’s there. We just leave it shut. We’ve already seen what can enter. And we don’t want to go near that again.

Which one are you?

I think we all step towards one - or - the other.

We either have those walls up, or we NEED to put some up.

Broken hearts. Wounded pride. Lack of self esteem. We are all on the road to “somewhere.” How we walk that road, who we let in to walk it along with us, and why we walk one road, compared to another one - they are very telling.  They tell a story of where we’ve been, and how we’ve let that affect us.

Are we victims? Are we survivors? Are we overcomers?

Do we expect the world to come to our door, or do we open it up and walk out into it on our own?

Do we hide behind the door?

Do we fail to shut the door at all? Fail to see we let others run our lives? Our thoughts? Our feelings? 

Are we too careful? Or not careful enough?

Which one are you? Which door is yours? And which road is yours?

No one can dictate your destiny. YOU choose. You choose your attitude. You choose your direction. You choose who walks with you. 


So which one are you?

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quietspirit said...

Dionna, You have given me a few things to think on. Thank you.