Saturday, November 24, 2018

What Is Best For You, May Not Be What Is Best For Me

What is best for you, may not be what is best for me.

People have good intentions, sometimes. They get excited over something in their life, and they just want to share it.  

They want you to experience what they did, on a mission trip.  

They want you to enjoy running, like they do.

They think you ought to partake in the same eating diet that they partake in.

They approach you about it, and they invite you into it.

And sometimes, we get pulled in by their excitement. It’s our choice, of course.  But then we wonder why we don’t feel the excitement that they feel. We wonder why we are left, with an empty feeling inside.

And it’s because, what is best for one person, may not be what is best for another person.

An introvert is not going to be fully immersed in the same things that an extrovert is. 

A “techie” will not get a kick out of the same things that a sports fanatic does.

A “girlie girl” who thrives on shopping, makeup, and fashion - will never see how a tomboy enjoys to ride motorcycles, or hike.

We are each made to be different.  And on top of that, we each have our limitations in life. Maybe I DO really like to travel, but my knees prevent me from riding on long jet rides.  Maybe I DO love makeup, but my sensitive skin induces me to go natural and makeup-free.

What is best for you, may not be what is best for me.

We can get excited about the things we enjoy in our lives. We can let them fuel us, and energize us. But it’s good to stop short of making others feel “less than” if they don’t feel the same way, or choose not to enjoy what WE enjoy.

We should never make someone feel bad, for not liking what we like. We should never try to push someone into something, just because we want company, or want to share something we love, with that SOMEONE we love.

What is best for you, may not be what is best for me.

And that’s ok.  Enjoy what you enjoy. Love what you love. But try to expand your horizons also. Slow down, if those you love only walk the slow path.  Go out once in awhile, if those you love, just can’t seem to stay home.  Still be YOU, but try new things once in awhile, things that are within your limitations, your personality bents, and your character.  Pick and choose, what WILL fit into where you are, and WHO you are.

Never let someone tell you that you should try and be someone different. You are YOU. And you are at your best, when you know who YOU are. (Tweet This)

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Ayanna said...

Embracing who God created you to be is os important.