Sunday, February 17, 2019

God Will Not Overlook What You Have Done For Him

Everyone has those days when they wonder if what they are doing is doing any good at all. It’s so easy to get discouraged and frustrated at times. It can feel like you are spinning your wheels doing so much ‘stuff’ that doesn’t really make an eternal impact.

Satan is so good at stealing our joy and purpose. We are easily distracted by disgruntled and unappreciative people in our lives. Most of us have a lot of responsibility on our shoulders, and it is so easy to feel overwhelmed with all of those weights and responsibilities we feel that we have.

Everyone has those days. Everyone gets down sometimes and feels like they aren’t valued and that they don’t matter. The thing is, you DO matter. You ARE valued. Very much so!

 “God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped His people and continue to help them.”  Hebrews 6:10

God sees the work you are doing. He sees your motives and the pureness of heart you carry with you for the people you serve and lead. He knows your frustrations and all of the effort you put into leading and loving those people that He’s placed in your life.  

Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Keep giving your 100%. Keep maintaining that honor and integrity. Continue to love those God has placed in front of you. He sees your work. He won’t overlook your passion to use your gifts for Him and He won’t forget about you. He sees every last detail, and His hand is moving with you and for you, even now.

Discouragement may come. Frustrations may flitter in and out of your days. Distractions come about, and people will criticize what you do. It’s part of the cost of the call in being a leader. Just continue to be faithful to the Lord in the position He’s given you. And He will be faithful to you.

**Originally published Jan 2014


Unknown said...

I came across this accidentally just now but perhaps it wasn't an accident at all. I needed these words right now. Thank you.

Kathy Widenhouse said...

Oh I needed to read this today! Thank you Dionna.

Dionna said...

You are so welcome, Kathy! Thanks for taking a minute to let me know it helped you.