Monday, January 14, 2013

No One Wants To Feel Alone (in)RL 2013

No one wants to feel alone. And as great as online friendships and comraderies are - they can never replace REAL LIFE friendships.  

Nothing can replace a REAL LIFE hug. Nothing can replace a REAL LIFE smile or the nod of a friend who is resonating with your heart.

We need each other and we were created to be there for one REAL LIFE.

The (In)courage Community (who I've been blessed to guest post for) is excited to open registration for (in)RL 2013. It's a way for you to meet together with other women in your area and share in REAL LIFE.

Just go to register. Everyone who registers today (Monday - January 14th) gets a Dayspring (In)Courage brightener while supplies last. And EVERYONE who signs up will get a copy of their new ebook - “Best of the Beach House 2012.”

Sometimes walking away from community may seem easy - but the benefits of getting plugged in often give you the freedom and fullness your heart truly seeks.

So take a chance on the women around you and take a chance on yourself. You may just find the best friend you've always been looking for!


Rebecca Evans said...

I am excited to be hosting my first one this year. Will you be joining me? I know you live in Oklahoma. Well I am not sure if you live by me. But we would love to have you:) Let me know!

Dionna said...

Awww - thanks so much, Rebecca! I would have loved to have joined you - however - I'm not in Oklahoma!! :( I'm currently in Idaho. Maybe someday we'll be in the same spot! :)

Rebecca Evans said...

Ohhh ok.. I don't know why I keep thinking you are in Oklahoma. oops. Yes, I would love to meet one day! :)

Dionna said...

No worries. :) I did visit Oklahoma once - well, at least the state sign! HA HA Rebecca -- do you have a blog that I could visit??

Rebecca Evans said...

Lol.. yes please visit at thanks!

Dionna said...

Thanks - I'll stop by! :)