Friday, June 19, 2020

Not Every Family

Not every family plays games together.

Not every family has traditions, legacies, or heirlooms to pass down.

Not every kid grows up in a home where they see mom and dad laugh together, kiss, cuddle, or hug. Some only see fights.

Not every family talks. Some actually, don’t talk at all. 

Not every family says “I love you,” “I believe in you,” you’re a wonderful person,” or even hugs.

Not every child knows the benefit of having rules and boundaries. Most children may not like rules, but at least they know they usually come with love and wisdom from mom and dad. Some children CRAVE having a parent care enough, to lay down some rules!

There is a world full of families. It can be easy to assume that families and children are all the same. That they all have good homes. 

We can overlook the fact that not every child is safe when they are at home. Whether that is physically, or emotionally.

We all grew up in different kinds of families. Some of us shared often, while others of us were lucky to get an “I love you” tossed our way every few years. And how we grew up, impacts how we see the world, and how we feel about ourselves.

Whether or not we grew up in a healthy, solid family - we can still grow one of our own. 

We can play games with our kids. Love, encourage, and cheer them on in their activities. 

We can take lots of pictures. Listen. And do things together.

Not every family has dinner together. And not every family knows kindness. But YOURS can.

YOUR family can be generous. 

YOUR kids can be respectful.

YOUR home can welcome in other hurting hearts.

It’s your choice.

If you wish you’d come from a family that loved on each other WELL… if you wish you HAD a family NOW that loves on each other well… then start moving in that direction.

Start today. And your whole family dynamic can shift and impact generations to follow.

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