Sunday, March 20, 2022

Mistakes Happen

We are free to make mistakes. We are free to feel what we feel about those mistakes. 

As long as we learn and grow from them.

No one gets every choice or decision right in life. No one is perfectly eloquent in every reply, or does the right thing in every circumstance. So many of us regret speaking when we should be quiet, and being quiet when we should speak up.


The thing is - we tend to beat ourselves up about those “missed” occasions, moments, and words. Humanly speaking, there might be apologies that need to be made. There might need to be some hard truths we speak to our own heart and soul about our motivations and our actions. But once those are dealt with and given - we need to sew the “mistake” into a legacy.

No one gets through life doing it all perfectly. 

God says, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone.” NONE of us, gets it all right. 

It can be hard to see ourselves with objective eyes.  Even IF we know and acknowledge our imperfections, truly allowing ourselves to feel things without shaming or criticizing ourselves in the process, is hard.

So I say, feel. FEEL. Cry. Get angry (in a safe environment). Feel “Blue” for a bit. But then get yourself up. Allow God to empower you to turn that “feel” into “fuel”. Do something right for yourself and for others. Be better next time. Stronger, Wiser. Gentler. Kinder. More thoughtful.


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