Monday, September 5, 2022

There Is Something Beautiful About Who You Are

My way may not always be the easiest way. It may not be the fastest. It may not even be the smartest. But it’s unique to me. And it fits ME. It fits my comfort level, my voice, my thoughts, and my goals.

It’s taken me a long time to realize that even though someone may be able to do something more efficiently than I, it’s not necessarily better. 

For it doesn’t represent my vision.

We compare ourselves so often. We get intimidated by others. We measure our weaknesses, by their strengths - coming up short. But the stick in which we use to compare, isn’t a fair one.

If I am to truly flourish, I have to know myself very well. I have to know my values, moral compass, how I come across to others, what areas I need to work on, and where I excel. I need to know all of it. And I need to be honest about it. Recognize, acknowledge and work within those boundaries.

This applies to my relationships, as well as my work life.

In my “methodical” approach, I may encounter so many things that someone who is gifted at laying something down quickly… cannot. In someone else’s way, they may fine-tune something that my vision doesn’t consider. 

Neither is wrong. It’s simply uniqueness. It’s human identity coming out in thousands of ways with unlimited potential and opportunities lying ahead.

As we communicate with each other, we can’t always run over someone else’s way of seeing something. It’s THEIR way. Not ours.

As we learn to serve one another, we discover these things. They often present themselves to us in the most unexpected ways. Providing blessing to our souls in the process.

You are you. I am me. And that is how it is supposed to be. 

And yet we try so hard to be like one another. 

We look online and imitate to the point where unique identity is considered wrong. Out-of-tune.

Oh that we would each grow to be comfortable in our skin again - not trying to conform it, change it, mold it, or deny it!

Yes. We all have ways we need to grow. But motivation is different than shame. And inspiration fuels us and encourages us to get stronger in who we already know we are. 

There is something beautiful about who you are. Something no one else on earth can touch. Whether you are a creative, a technical mind, someone who loves people, or works better in the still quiet of dawn…may you and I learn how we are gifted, why we are gifted, and how it can be put to good use in this life.

It may take time to discover, or it may be hidden down in the recesses of our heart….laying buried because we feel it’s inconsequential. But there it is. 

And the world needs it. SOMEONE needs it. Someone needs YOU. Just as you are. Quick or slow. Cautious or risky. Quiet or bubbly.

Step forward. With confidence. Love. Joy. And peace. Do YOU. In color or black and white. But do YOU, knowing you are contributing to life. 

And LIVING it as only you can.

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