Monday, July 4, 2022

In This World, But Not Of It

“In this world but not of it.” 

My heart’s desire.

I love life. I love to see and experience new things.

But I want to be seen as different, (in a good way).

I hope that people see strength and courage in me that comes from deep convictions.

I hope they want to have the inner joy in me that comes from my faith and my God.

I hope that they want to love with all their heart and soul, as I do.

I hope.

I love America. I also love the people in all the nations I’ve got to step foot in.

I love children and unborn babies.

My heart bleeds for the widowed and the homeless. For the child who doesn’t know the love of a mom and a dad.

This is my world. And I do love it so.

But I always want to be a little bit out of step with it. Sometimes, a lot.

I want to never quite conform. Never quite fit the mold. Never quite be so comfortable that I don’t look up and long for the “ever after”.

In this world, but not of it.

I don’t want to fit in so much, that there is nothing I would long for, apart from my God.

I am so thankful for life. For love. For family, friends, and a world full of mystery and beauty.

But my heart is sold out. Bought at a price. 

And I’m completely “in”. In so deep that I can’t get out. I don’t want to get out.

I want to see what He sees. Love how He loves. Grieve how He grieves. And soak it all in. Feel every minute of the fullness of life. The joys, the sorrows… all of it.

Because I’m in this world. And I love this world. But it can never have my soul.  For I’m not part of it.

I can’t lose sight of where I come from. Or where I’m going.

There is an inner boundary I must always hold up, as I remember where the true treasure is.

May that boundary always hold firm.

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Philip Verghese 'Ariel' said...

Hi Donna,
Good to be here again.
A thought out well written piece!
Amen, Yes, we are in this world but not of it...
Because I’m in this world. And I love this world. But it can never have my soul. For I’m not part of it...
You said it all in the concluding para
Keep writing.
Thanks for the follow at Twitter.
Keep sharing.
~ Phil