Monday, December 16, 2013

Sometimes What We Ask For, Isn't Really What We Want

On bended knee we go. Pleading with God to answer our request. Time and time again we ask. The process can seem so long at times. The waiting unbearable.

We get impatient.

Then that day comes and we know it’s THE day. The day we’ve been waiting for. God has answered us with a “yes.”

Time goes on again. The “yes” came but not in the way we’d wanted. Not in the way we’d hoped. It was different than our vision. Slightly altered but still there. And we wonder why it doesn’t feel right. Why it doesn’t fulfill us. Why it misses its mark in our hearts somehow.

It’s because we really weren’t meant to live in the ‘yes.’  We were meant for something different.

Sometimes God gives us that ‘yes’ not because it’s what He wants for us, but because we asked so earnestly for it, that maybe He decided to give us what we asked for just to show us that what we thought we wanted….we really didn’t.

I’ve been in those times. Had those moments. Have you? The dream wasn’t quite as perfect as it should have been. It was messier. Harder. The grass not quite as green as I’d envisioned. And it always reminds me of what I gave up. What I had.

God is so good at showing me what I’ve taken for granted!

All of life is a blessing. A gift. There are moments and times to be thankful for even in the storms, the hurricanes, and the challenges. Even in the desert times of our lives. And hindsight is so good at showing us what treasures we had.

It’s good to be careful what we ask for. Sometimes we will get it and it will be all wrong. But sometimes, sometimes it will be right. Just not right for us.

If God has us in the “waiting” maybe there is good reason for it. Trust Him and His plan. Lean into Him and ask Him to give you wisdom and discernment. We all want to be where we can flourish.  Seek His guidance and timing so that when the ‘yes’ comes….you’ll know for sure it’s exactly what you want and where you want to be.

No, you’ll know it’s MORE than what you’d hoped for.

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