Sunday, December 29, 2013

Writing Blitz

I normally write when the mood strikes me. I feel I’m a better writer when something stirs in my soul and the passion comes out in my words. Then, I have a stockpile from which to draw from when life gets busy.

It works for me.

I just go to my computer, pull out an article that resonates with me at the time (even if it was written long ago) and I put it up on my blog. Of course, I write within the moment of time too. I write about my life from time to time and it goes up straight away. But having an archive of material to pull from has been a wonderful thing for me. I never have to stress when I’m sick, my kids are sick, we have company, go on a trip, or life gets busy, because I have articles on hand ready to use.

Lately, my stockpile has been getting really low. Lower than it’s been in years.

We sold our house in May and moved into an apartment in June. Then we moved from Idaho to Texas in September. My girls started a new school, we rented a house, my husband started taking some classes, we had a wedding in Georgia, my daughter turned 17, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a visitor from England has been staying with us for a month.

I’ve been living life. And I’ve been loving life.

In the process, I haven’t had a lot of quiet time with which to write. So I’ve been pulling those articles out to use left and right.

I plan to go on a writing blitz here soon and get that stockpile up again. It’s my safety net and I’m so thankful for it.

But I’m also thankful that life is full. Life is good. And you won’t hear me complain. 

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