Friday, December 6, 2013


I hate dusting things. You have to move objects around or take them off a shelf all together and dust it; then put them back. And they never seem to look quite the same when you put them back.

It’s tedious. But it feels cleaner when it’s done. And it looks better too.

The thought hit me one day, how our lives can so easily gather dust – just like a shelf. We see they need some cleaning, but it seems so tedious to us that we don’t want to bother. We’d rather leave things the same for they don’t seem that bad. But when we finally get around to doing it, we feel better and we feel cleaner inside.

Dust is one of those things that your normally don’t see accumulate until it’s already there. Things impact our heart and our lives a little bit at a time – like dust. And before we know it, we can write our name in the dust that sits there; there is so much of it because our lives needed a good cleaning.

That’s what happens without regular maintenance. We think a little bit at a time of something won’t affect us. But it does. We just can’t always see it or notice it until later on.

People sometimes wonder why you dust a shelf that seems to already be clean. Why do you dust a life that doesn’t seem to have any problems? TO KEEP IT THAT WAY. The best way to dust is when you do it as a preventative measure instead of doing it after the dust is already there. We need to be preventative in our lives. Keep them clean before the dust starts to accumulate and they get really dirty.

It may seem tedious and unnecessary. And we may have to alter things a bit so that we aren’t quite in the same spot we were in the day before; but it’s worth it in the long run.

Never let things get out of hand and never let something “small” fool you into thinking it’s no big deal.  For “small” always leads to something bigger if given the time.

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