Sunday, March 9, 2014

Believe In Your Husband's Heart

How can you make your husband feel like a king and treat you like a Queen in return? Believe in him!

Do you know that the average man has never had anyone believe in him? They feel a great deal of pressure to be a success, take care of their family, be involved in their children's lives, etc.  Just like us - they can feel overwhelmed at times and are very afraid to let us down; or fail.

Lift up your husband.  Encourage him especially when he is feeling "low" or having a weak moment.  Pray for him and believe in the possibilities.  Your husband will feel your belief and that will impact him in a powerful way.

Sometimes we expect our husbands to have it all together as the head of our households.  But it can be lonely at the top especially when you don't have all the answers. And no one does!

So be your husband's strongest fan and cheerleader.  Let him know that you believe in his heart and what is inside his soul.  He really needs to know that and to hear those sentiments coming from you.

When we feel special we tend to bloom and grow.  The same is true for your husband.  Watch what happens when you convey your belief in him... and prepare to be inspired.


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