Monday, March 3, 2014

Leave Your Day Open to Interruptions

I used to get irritated when my day didn’t go as I’d planned. I’d have a list all made out and at the end of the day, I’d see that only 2 things were crossed off. Sometimes, it was of my own choosing. Maybe I’d gotten distracted or felt lazy for awhile and so I didn’t accomplish what I thought I would. But sometimes, sometimes it was due to interruptions from others.

The great thing about life is that it’s always fluid. Nothing is “set in stone.” Each day changes. Each moment can change. There are so many of us. We interact with each other and we affect one another’s lives. We truly are, dominoes. 

When you are a wife and a parent, it is a “given” that you will have interruptions. Whether it’s last minute homework and school projects, or a shoulder to lean on, that is needed – your family needs you. And that’s a good thing, for we want them to need us, don’t we?

I want my children to come to me to talk. I want them to ask for my help. I want to be the one they turn to. I’m thankful when my husband wants attention or “me time” with me.  It means I matter to them. My values, input, and opinion matter.

I have also learned that it’s not just my family that interrupts my day. Maybe it’s a friend, a relative, or a stranger. People reach out sometimes, if they think you care, and they need someone to listen. They need someone to validate their feelings. And it all takes time. It takes time to write someone back. It takes time to listen on the phone and give a thoughtful reply. It takes time to meet someone for lunch or coffee. And maybe none of those events were “planned” in our day – but aren’t they so worth it? Doesn’t it matter more that someone reached out to you and wants your investment than getting that carpet vacuumed or that load of laundry folded?

So, over the years, I have taught myself to leave room in my days for interruptions. I don’t plan for them, but should they come, I don’t get disgusted with them. I welcome them. I’m thankful for them. And I feel like I actually accomplish more when I interact with someone else in a deep and meaningful way than I ever feel like I accomplish by dusting or cleaning or any other menial chores.

Life is about relationships. It’s relationships and people that matter the most. Sure, sometimes, an interruption may not come at the most convenient time…but it’s the fact that someone cares what you think, that means the most.

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