Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I’m finally ready. I’m ready to be released from what others think of me. From the expectations others place on me.

I have always wanted others to like me. Still do. But I’m finding strength and freedom in ME. Not in my own strength, mind you, my strength always comes from God for I am so feeble on my own. But I’m finding strength and freedom in simply resting in being who God created me to be.

Some days the “me” God has created is wise and discerning. Other days the “me” that God has created is soft and compassionate. Each quality always exists, yet becomes clearer on some days more than others, as I allow myself the freedom to feel what I’m feeling, love what I’m loving, hurt from what hurts me, and dream of what inspires me.

As I shed the skin of expectation that others have put on me, as I stop caring if I meet up to their inquisitive eyes or sideways glances; I am feeling more relaxed, more courageous, and more of who I have been all along.

Self-esteem grows in freedom and release.

Tenderness and compassion grow with release from bitterness and hardness, as they get broken up and smashed into tiny bits that are slowly discarded and swept clean from my heart and life.

I love feeling the release wash over me. I love not being afraid that the other shoe will drop at any moment. I love feeling blessed and thankful. I love knowing that I won’t always be in this glorious moment and that trials will always be before me – but I can feel calm and steadfast instead of panicked and fearful.

There is such beauty in release. We hold onto so much. We let it cling to us, and mold its way around our hearts, gripping us with such fierce claws, that we don’t often know how to unwrap ourselves from its hold.

But it’s possible.  And it’s beautiful.

Let it go. Let it all go. Let the pain of the past go. Let the thoughts, words, and unhealthy impressions that others have left on you….go.  Don’t let them have any more power over you.

Accept the release that God has waiting for you. He wants you to be free. Free in Him.

Free indeed.

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