Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's The Heart That Matters

I am blessed with so much. I’m blessed with a beautiful home, a loving husband, and beautiful, precious children. My beautiful house would mean nothing to me if not for the love shared with my family and friends within those walls. We can take that for granted far too often.

It’s the heart that matters – not the home.  Don’t ever take your home life for granted. Be thankful for the four walls where you live – the health and well being of your family, and take the time to enjoy life together instead of hustling through it.  As long as your family is together, you can create laughter and memories no matter where you are or what home you reside in.  For some day that security you have may be tested – and you and your family will need to learn to lean on each other for support while God tests your faith.

No matter how beautiful your home is – without the “heart” of love and family inside of it – it’s just an empty shell.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful thought. It is about the heart of the home, Family. We have been through quite a year as well. I was blessed to read about all God has been doing for you and your family. Congratulations on the writing jobs. After a long absence, I am writing again. I needed to take that time off and I am glad I did. I always enjoyed coming here to read your thoughts. God bless you in your journey. Amy

Dionna said...

Thanks Amy! It's nice to see you back! I'm glad you feel renewed after your time away.