Monday, February 9, 2015

Nothing Wrong With a Little "Selfie!"

“Selfies.” The craze of this generation.

Everyone seems to have their own opinions on this craze. I’ve heard it said that people who take ‘selfies’ are narcissists. That it signifies mental or emotional issues. I’ve heard people mock others for taking ‘selfies’ and I’ve seen people think they are ‘above’ the whole craze.

I think ‘selfies’ are fun. And, I think they are perfectly normal and okay to do.

Recently, I went to Hawaii with my husband. We saw people taking selfies all over the place. At the beach, by a palm tree, overlooking the ocean, and more. Sometimes it was an individual ‘selfie’ and sometimes it was a couple.

This is how I see it. There is nothing wrong with taking a picture of yourself, to remember a time, place, or moment. It’s fun. And it’ a way to enjoy life and where you are currently are, in it.

I even think it’s okay to take a  ‘selfie’ once in awhile in your bathroom or car. Make a pucker face, or have fun with a pout. Again, it’s about enjoying life. Enjoying yourself and the moment you are in.

“Selfies” are kind of like photo journals, in a way. You’re recording who you are on a certain date and time. You’re recording your mood, your outlook, your environment.

The only time I can agree with the professionals on ‘selfie’ assessments, is when someone takes CONSTANT and UNENDING selfies, then posts them online or on Instagram. If someone does nothing BUT selfies, then yah, maybe a deeper look needs to be given as to why they don’t find anything else in life worthy of capturing with their camera.

I also personally feel that ‘selfies’ should always be kept classy. Flipping off the camera generally doesn’t make others love you more. And anything you might regret posting one day you get married, have children, or have a relative see – you might want to forget about posting. In fact, forget about taking that shot at all. No shot – no regrets!

But other than those wise words of wisdom, I say, have fun and take some ‘selfies!’ There’s nothing wrong with loving on those around you and taking your own shots of a moment in time. There’s nothing wrong with capturing yourself, either.

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. So live and enjoy it. And take a ‘selfie’ to show it.

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Unknown said...

I love taking selfies with my kid! They are the best!