Sunday, June 28, 2015

I Owe Him My Life

I know that God is always watching over me. I KNOW that He knows the very details of my life.

My life is a record of it.

When I was 5 years old, He sent His angels to protect me as I drove across the street in my big wheel, without looking for cars. I nearly got hit. I still remember my sister yelling, and me, looking right at the grill of that car.

When I was probably – oh – 9 years old or so? I almost drowned. God once again, scooped down to save me.

When I was in my early 20’s, I ignored my instincts and got out of my truck to grab my mail as I drove home to my apartment complex. There was no one around but a man at a phone booth. I got out anyways. He grabbed my behind. I’m lucky he didn’t do more. For God was looking out for me, once again.

When I was a young mom, my girls were arguing in the car one day and I got angry at them. I swerved to pull over to the side of the road, but in my anger, turned my car too hard. I almost lost complete control as we swerved from side to side, turned all the way around and then careened to the side of the road. It’s amazing we didn’t flip. And I would have had to live with that for the rest of my life. (Ask my girls. They still remember how terrified they were.) God was there for me.

He has a pattern of being there. He sees. Always. He knows. Always.

Whether it’s my own mistakes, or the actions from others – my God is always looking out for me. He has His angels on guard for me every second.

I know this – because I can look back and see how I was spared. Protected. Shielded. LOVED.

I know I will have to go through hard things in life. Just because I have been rescued so many times, doesn’t mean I will be able to avoid the challenging and hurtful things in life altogether.  And I accept that. I don’t welcome it, but I accept it.

I love my God. My Lord. I owe Him my life. Literally.

How about you?


Gina Conroy said...

It's great to see you're still blogging. I was cleaning out my old blog in anticipation of launching my new author website and came across your link. I know we run into each other from time to time on facebook, but I wanted to reconnect and see how life was going with you and your family.

Dionna said...

Thanks Gina! Yes, I'm still around! :) Family is well. We moved to Texas from Idaho about a year and a half ago. Oldest daughter graduated from high school a few weeks ago and is engaged! Lots of transitions and changes. How about you?