Saturday, June 6, 2015

It's Less About Looks, And More About Heart

I’m in my early 40’s and I’m already noticing changes. Changes with physical things and changes with internal things.

As for the physical, my hair isn’t anywhere as thick as it used to be. And I struggle more with wasted calories staying with me, instead of being able to eat whatever I want and not worrying about it. 

Internally, I see life in a more mature way than I did just 10 years ago. Raising children, going on mission trips to third world countries, moving from state to state, being married for 20 years, and just aging – contribute to my viewpoints and feelings at this stage of life.

I see how little, certain things matter in the big scheme of things. I see more and more what is truly important.

The world has it all wrong.  It’s less about looks and more about the heart.  You see that, as you get older.

I don’t care if my friend is perfectly cute. I just want her to be authentic.

I don’t care as much, if someone sees me without makeup, or in my jammies.  (But I still won’t leave the house in my pj’s.)

I’ve always cared about the character and heart of a person. But now, even more so. I think I appreciate it more. I notice it quicker. And I’m less apt to analyze the outside package.

I’m in a stage of life that I want genuine, caring, authentic, compassionate, honest people in my life. I don’t want to just hear “talk,” I want “follow-through.” I want to laugh, smile, love, and hug. I want to walk alongside others, (and have them walk alongside me) and do something good for someone else. I want to cry together and be there for each other when life hurts.

I want softness of heart, mind, and soul.

That’s what I’m looking for.

Image does matter. Don’t get me wrong. We should care how we represent ourselves to the world. But it’s not everything. It has its place and it has its purpose. Image is what draws someone to you – but it’s the heart that gets them to stay.

Oh, please remember that, my friend. Look at the heart of those in your life. And value it highly.

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quietspirit said...

Dionna: You have some very good thoughts here. God will reward you for you viewpoint, especially about being authentic.