Saturday, April 9, 2016

People Just Want To Be Seen

I think people are begging to be seen.

People want others to see beyond the heavy weight that they bear on the outside, to the person they are on the inside.

Can you see who they really are? The struggles they are fighting?

People want others to see beyond the poor choices that they are making, the clothes that they are wearing, and the words they are saying.

Those are merely outward expressions of a hurting heart.

They want to be seen.

People want to be seen – deep inside. They want to be known.

They want to be loved.

They want someone to believe in them, so that they can overcome the weight, the poor choices, and all the other things that the rest of the world sees. 

They need someone to walk alongside of them, give them some “tough love,” and some “gentle love” at the same time.  They need love in huge doses. They need prayer in huge doses. And they need grace in huge doses.

Can you love them? Can you pray for them?

This is a hurting world. A world that is full of people begging to be seen. Begging to be loved.

It’s the cure for what ails us. Love.

It’s the cure for bitter, cold, broken, hurting hearts.

It’s the key to helping people find value and purpose in life.

People just want to be seen.


quietspirit said...

You are so right. People want to be appreciated for who they are on the inside. I have had times in my life that I had this desire, especially when I was hurting. I had to ask someone once why no one seemed to reach out to me. The woman, a dear friend told me that no one knew how to help me through. I eventually pulled out of my funk and we remained friends until she passed into heaven.

Dionna said...

Thank you for your comment. I am sorry, that at times, it feels like no one has reached out to you. I'm quite sure, we all feel that way. But I am so glad, that a special someone, became dear to you, and was there for you until she went to heaven. What a blessing she must have been for you.