Sunday, April 17, 2016

What Happened, To Going the Extra Mile?

Excellence is a rare gift these days. When I see someone who lives their life with excellence, and does their job with excellence; I know that they have great character.

I so wish “excellence” were expected in people more often. I so wish, that it was taught!

We teach our children to do their chores, and to get their homework done. But do we teach them to go the “extra mile?” Or are we teaching them to only get done what they have to get done?

When we stay at someone else’s home, are we helpful? Do we take care of our bedding, any trash we may have left? Do we help with dinner?


When we do our jobs, do we clock out before our shift has technically ended?

Going the extra mile means we have to have eyes, ears, and a heart that sees needs out there. We have to be aware of a need, even when it’s not spoken. And we have to be willing to meet it – even if it’s not expected of us.

If I only do just what is expected of me, I’m really short-changing myself. I’m not giving the gift, or getting the blessing, of pouring into someone else’s life. Even if it’s working just 30 min later on something, empting the trash when it’s not my job, or taking care of something for someone, “just because,”.  Those are all reflections on me and my care and respect, for other people’s efforts, their time, and their love.

I can’t always “go the extra mile.” Sometimes I lack the money, the time, or the right heart motivation. But more often than naught, I’m betting that I CAN. And I should.  Not just for them – but for myself. To make myself a better person.

Excellence is taught. But it’s also “caught.”  May I be a person who shows excellence in my life, by doing things well, and by doing MORE than what is expected of me. And I pray it will be seen – not so that I get any kind of credit… but so that others will desire to display it in their lives too.

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