Thursday, August 11, 2016

Have We Lost Our Heart, For Others?

Have we lost our heart for “others?” When I say that, I mean… have we grown cold to the hurt in someone else’s eyes and heart?

It can be so easy to label people. We can define that driver as “stupid.” We can call that mother, “over reactive,” and we can pick apart those who cross our television screen on a daily basis.

It’s easy. Simple.

Judgment always is.

Knowing what goes on inside of someone? That takes more work. A little bit more time and research has to go into it…which of course, means you have to care a little bit.

Have we stopped caring…. A little bit?

Computer screens make it so easy for us to mock, judge, and tweet out criticism. We can forget to think about the human heart on the other end who will read our words.

I’ve seen people in the midst of tragedy, being judged by others about their parenting skills and people skills, in general. Instead, of being given love and compassion in their time of intense emotional grief.

So, I ask again…. “Have we lost our heart for others?”

Have we lost our compassion? Our empathy? Our kindness? Our grace, mercy, and most importantly, our forgiveness?

Are we so cold and tough, that we can’t allow others the room to be human? Can we not allow them the space to mess up?

Can we give others the freedom to not be perfect?

I have made many driving mistakes. By the grace of God, I hope to make very few more. But, I might.

I have gotten angry at my kids in public. I have regretted those moments. As might, the mama who I witness at the local store.

I have typed out feelings quickly on a keyboard and hit, “send.” And wished with everything in me, that I could pull them back.

You see, we are flawed people. That’s who we are. We shouldn’t expect any differently out of ourselves, except that we keep trying to grow and improve. 

In that process of being flawed, oh, let us please remember, others are flawed too.

In our moments of error, we crave all the things that we can give someone else in their moment. Love, kindness, understanding, grace, forgiveness.

We can listen. We can walk through it with them as they strive to overcome.

We can give them our heart.

Our heart was never just meant to keep to ourselves. It was meant to be used to love on others. And the cool thing is, there is no limit to how much loving we can do. Because the heart has the amazing ability to grow.

So, let’s use it. Let’s grow it.

Let’s care instead of judge. Even if we need to start doing it, “just a little bit.”

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