Saturday, August 27, 2016

We Are Afraid of Each Other

We like to reside in “comfort.” We stay in our clich-ey circles, because they are “comfortable.” We stay in the same town, because it’s “comfortable.” And many other “routine” parts of our lives, stay a part of our lives, because we are afraid of “new.” We are afraid, of “change.” We are afraid….of each other.

Think about it.  We are afraid to meet new people who might reject us.

We are afraid to tell others what is really going on in our marriage, with our parenting, in our homes – because they might not understand. They might not like us.

And then we’d feel alone. We’d feel unworthy, somehow. We’d feel inept, unqualified, unloved.

Yes, friends. We are afraid of each other. And that’s so sad.  For deep down? We’re all the same. We can all relate to one thing or another.

We all have had hurt feelings.

We all, have been rejected by SOMEONE.

We all, are not gifted at something.

We all, have a challenge somewhere in our life.

We all want to be liked. And accepted.

We all want someone to listen. To be there for us.

These are basic feelings for most of us. They flit in an out of our lives. They come – they go – but we all have had them.  So why are we afraid of each other? Why are we afraid to be REAL? Vulnerable? HONEST?

If you tell others that you swear, drink, do drugs, smoke, sleep around, struggle as a parent, or a spouse – do you think that they won’t still see the gifts in your life? Do you think that what you DO, takes away from your ability to be loved?

It doesn’t.

We just have to choose our friends, encouragers, and support system, wisely.

A real friend may not condone what you do with your life – but they will still see the character, personality, and heart of who you are. They will fight for you and with you.  They will pray for your struggle.

A real friend will still love.

We don’t need to be afraid of each other. We just need to love one another where we’re at. 

That’s what I’m striving for, anyways.  How about you?

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