Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Power In the Words of Our Hearts

Prayer helps me figure out my heart. Oftentimes, when I go to the Lord in prayer, I figure myself out, as I’m talking to Him. The words spill out, and in the process, I am found.

That’s prayer.  That’s God.

When I don’t have any words at all, somehow, my heart speaks to Him. I know He is there listening, and understanding the emotions of my soul.

And yet I don’t do it often enough.

I alienate Him, as I struggle through my own agenda. So. Many. Times.

And I’m ashamed of that fact, for I love Him so.

If I could change one life, with one prayer, why don’t I do it?

Prayer is the one thing – every, single, person, in this world has. And most everyone turns to it – they turn to God – when they are scared, lost, and forgotten. They know its power; for they reach for it in the most important circumstances and moments in their lives.

Prayer brings me closer to my Lord, and it brings me closer to myself. It brings everything into focus, and it impacts the lives of those I hold most dearly in this world.


The words of our hearts.

Never underestimate their power or their influence. For they are mighty.

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