Wednesday, April 5, 2017

She Wonders If it's Worth It To Love So Much ~ If You Aren't Loved As Much In Return

She’s the one left behind.  The one sitting in the coffee shop with a sweet smile offered to all who pass by.

She’s the one always willing to give a hug, lend a hand, or offer a discerning word.

She’s the one outruled. Overlooked. Taken for granted.

And I see her. I know her.

She has a huge heart, that one. She only wants what is best for those she loves. And oh, how she loves!  She loves deep. And she hurts DEEP.

But it’s rarely seen. It’s rarely known how deep she aches for love in return.

Yes, she loves. She gives. And she loves to love. She loves to give. But the risk is to hurt. And she feels it when it comes. She feels every wave.

She wonders if it’s worth it to love so much – if you aren’t also loved as much in return.

She doubts her worth. Her likeability.

And the tears well up in her eyes.

She vows to not love that much again. To be guarded. To set up boundaries. And then time marches on. And she can’t help it. She finds herself loving someone else who needs to be loved. A broken soul. A wounded heart. A clipped wing.

Because she knows how it feels. She feels what they feel.

And it moves her soul.

So she opens her arms again. She opens her heart again. Hoping. Waiting. Wanting the same in return.

Only to get left behind once again. To be liked, but not liked ENOUGH. To be loved, but not loved AS MUCH as someone else.

To come in second. Always, second. Always, an afterthought.

And yet the world needs her.

I see her. I know her.

I’m cheering her on. Hoping she will feel the rewards of all she is, and all she does. Hoping she will see how much she matters. And praying – she will be chosen FIRST. First by her family. First by her friends. First by the strangers she steps out to love.

So she has fuel to continue on.

She could be your wife. She could be the girl in the college dorm down the hall. She might be that teacher who always smiles.  She could be your Aunt. Or, that faithful friend on facebook who always leaves an encouraging word for you.

Look for her. FIND her. And love her back.

She needs it.


quietspirit said...

Dionna: We all could be that person who needs to feel valued, even appreciated Each of us knows at least one who could use a true friend.

Dionna said...

This is so so true.