Monday, April 17, 2017

When The Page Turns

I remember when I was a young girl; thinking that I would never ever be the one who had a boyfriend. But I was.

I remember going through years of persecution and harassment; thinking I would never live a life again, in freedom.  But I did.

I prayed for years, to live somewhere warmer – where my bones wouldn’t be so miserable from the cold. I began to think God was telling me, “no.” But it happened.

We so often think that things won’t happen to us.

Then that day comes.

It’s not always good. Sometimes, we don’t think the bad things will happen to us. I could never have fathomed, as a child, that I would know 5 people in my life, who would commit suicide. FIVE!

When I looked down at my beautiful babies, the years seemed so far off when they would drive off on their own, get married, or go off to college. I couldn’t have dreamed my heart would be able to handle it. Yet, somehow, those times have come and I’m still here.  I’m still standing.

The page always turns in our lives.  We never stay in the same spot forever. (As much as we sometimes may wish it.)

Sometimes our hearts moan and ache with misery over the changes. Other times, we fall to our knees in deep thanks.

One thing I know…… is that God has been with me through each and every moment. And He has been with you.

It’s the only reason I’m still standing. The only reason I’m able to handle the broken hearted moments. The only reason, I’ve been blessed with favor in others.

He has been with me. He is STILL with me.

That day WILL come for each of us. The day we think will never come. The day we dread – or the day we’ve prayed so hard for, that we think we’ll never see the reward. It will come.

And what will we do when that page turns? How will we be changed?
Who will we thank? Who will we forget?

Who will we blame?

God is with us. Always. In the alone moments, and the moments when the tears fall down our face. In the rejoicing moments, when we lose ourselves in the glee, and forget it was He, who granted our wish.

He is always there.

It is to Him, who I owe my strength. My hope. And it is to Him, I will ever praise.

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