Friday, March 31, 2017

When Your Soul Feels Convicted

My heart got convicted the other day. Well, actually, it took a full day for what I heard to truly set in and convict me. And then it just overwhelmed my soul. 

It’s not that I am living a perfect life with no need to feel conviction. On the contrary. My heart had gotten a little “tough,” as hearts can so often do, when you go through life.

I met the sweetest woman. She was leading a Bible Study and it didn’t happen to be the one I had registered for, but God placed me so that I would intersect with her conversation to someone else. She was talking about distractions. How everything is a distraction these days. And how often we are on Facebook when we should be reading Scripture. Or how we go through a busy day, and we fail to read, ponder, and dwell on God’s Word because of all the distractions in our days – in our lives.

And I felt it. Not at first. But I felt it. The weight of all those distractions in my life.

I believe that God made us for these days and these times. I think Facebook is WONDERFUL. I want to be on the record for saying that. The connection to other people can truly be a good thing. I don’t think God is asking me to give up Facebook, however, he may be asking me to read His Word BEFORE I get on Facebook. And He may be telling me that if I can stay up late on Saturday night, that I can get my behind to church on Sunday morning.

Our choices have changed and we haven’t even noticed. We haven’t noticed how we have facebooked, movied, shopped, read, partied, socialized, eaten, travelled, and worked God right out of the equation.

We are too busy.

How can He be the greatest thing in our life, if we fail to even give Him any time in our day?

I have missed Him. I have gotten distracted. I have gotten busy. And I have “busied Him” right out of my days. My love for Him has not changed, but I have had to strain harder to hear Him. He didn’t move. I did.

We are to prioritize living for Him. Obeying Him. Reading His Word. KNOWING His Word.   And yet we don’t even talk to Him.

I used to turn off my radio in my car, and just talk to God. It’s been awhile since I did that.

I used to listen to Christian podcasts weekly. They have sat on my ipod for quite awhile until recently, when I opened one again to get some fuel for my soul.

I started writing Scripture out in a journal so that I could meditate on His Word. It has sat abandoned for a few years.

It’s one of the reasons I do Bible Study. It forces me to get in His Word because I fail in disciplining myself to do that consistently.

I am ready to get back into prioritizing my precious Savior. I am longing to clearly hear His voice when He speaks to me again. I’m excited to see Him work in my life and the life of those I love – because I’m looking for it.

Life is full of distractions. Most of them aren’t bad. They just need to be prioritized. If we have time for them – we have time for God. It’s as simple as that.

I don’t want a “tough” heart. So I’m thankful to feel it stirring. I’m thankful for the conviction. It means things can move again. They can grow.

And that’s what I desire.

How about you?


quietspirit said...

Dionna: I have some trouble sleeping at night. On days I have activities that take me away from my home, my routine gets out of whack. I have to have myself up and alert between 7:00 and 7:30 in order to get part of my devotions and prayer time in. I have found if I retire earlier in the evening, I can rise at a decent hour. But, I try not to let my devotions and prayer time lag when I have a free day ( a day where I can stay in.)

Dionna said...

Great discipline, quietspirit. :)