Saturday, June 4, 2022



Acceptance of ourselves is one of the hardest things we may learn in our lifetime. Accepting the fact that we are overweight, but still beautiful. Accepting that we are very emotional, yet still have the right to feel things. Accepting that we are alone, but valuable company. The excuses are as vast as the struggles. 

We are so hard on ourselves. We are so hard on others.

Everyone is different. Yet everyone is the same inside. We all long to be worthy. To be loved. To be held in high esteem. And no, not everyone will accept us. Not everyone will see past the “look” or the things we project. But most often? Most often - they will. And the thing holding us back the most… is ourselves.

WE don’t feel we are worth it. We just can’t begin to accept the flaws, missteps, inadequacies, imperfections, and “unique” things that make us up. The things we have labeled “less than” acceptable.

But if we could? If we COULD see ourselves authentically enough to know that some things we can work on and in the process still be lovable, valuable, and fun? Oh what milestones we could make in life! What joy we could discover! What things we could do!

Acceptance starts and ends with us. It means we learn to be okay with our weaknesses, while still trying to work on them in the process. 

Growth is always possible. But we can’t sit back and wait for it to come in order to live, to love, and to give of ourselves to life.

EVERYONE is valuable. EVERYONE has gifts to give. We all come in different sizes, packages, and doses. That’s what makes everyone so uniquely fascinating and beautiful!

Learn to accept where you are. What you’ve been given. And just LOVE the life you’ve been given and the people placed in it.

The first step to freedom is acceptance. That first step may be hard - but it is so worth it.

Take one today.

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