Saturday, August 11, 2012

If Only We Could

Do you ever think about what you’d do if you could see tomorrow? If you were to know what would happen in your life or with your loved ones tomorrow, next week, next year?

If only we could see.

If only we could see that it would be the last time to hug someone. The last time to see their smile, smell their unique smell.

What if we could see how that one choice dramatically altered our future forever? What if we could see how we’d look, think…be?

Those are big questions. For we just can’t. We can’t take every moment of our life and make it the most meaningful, well-thought out, and special moment we could imagine. We can’t play it all out with perfection.

If only we could.

For there are so many moments in life we take for granted. So many people.

So many regrets we hold dear to our hearts. So many wishes.

I’m just wondering if maybe we weren’t meant to get it all right. That maybe it was always intended that we grow reflective and see things in clearer perspective in hindsight.  We wouldn’t grow otherwise. We wouldn’t learn. We wouldn’t love deeper. We wouldn’t cherish.

Life is always going to have super painful moments and memories. It’s always going to call at us and beckon us to be stronger, wiser and better. Just like it will always remind us of those times that make us wince with longing and regret.

I think the key is to make the most of what we’ve got.  Not in a “I need to be perfect” kind of way – but in an “I want to embrace life” kind of way.  Yes, we will take people for granted. We will waste opportunities. We will make the wrong choices. But that’s life.  The key is what we learn from those times.

If only we COULD see into the future. We just might not enjoy today.

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