Sunday, August 19, 2012

Unshakeable Peace

When I go through certain transitions in life, there is one thing that seems to help me hold my ground. One thing that despite the odds against me, the stresses that mount, or the fear that can creep in….one thing that sits underneath it all.

Inner peace.

I have an inner peace because I know that God has all my circumstances in His hands. I know that He loves me and He will take care of me.

Sometimes people tell me, “You don’t understand,” or “If you were in my position…” but I’ve been in many positions. And the only times I don’t feel a peace deep down inside is when I know I’m going against God’s will for my life. When I know I’m not listening to what He wants me to do.

Those are the only times.

I understand in certain situations that things look grave. I understand that things are not optimum or that sacrifices will need to be made.  But I just have this unshakeable peace that somehow, God will get me through it.

I can’t imagine going through hard things in life and not having that. Not having hope. I can’t fathom how out-of-control you would feel at times or how discouraged!

Yes, I’ve been frustrated and I’ve been discouraged. But usually those times happen when I take my eyes off of God and put them on myself and my own plans and visions. Usually they happen when my own pride and agenda get in the way.

God truly does give us a “peace that surpasses understanding.” It’s there for our taking if we would only access it.

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