Thursday, August 16, 2012

In An Instant

I’m always amazed at how we try to control life. We make our plans, set our agendas, and go about setting our schedules when life is made up of so much that cannot be controlled.

I can try to be informed, plan for the “what if’s,” or be prepared but when it really comes down to it – I’m usually not. I’m usually swept off my feet and amazed at how quickly life can change in a moment.

In one moment, a tornado can ruin a town. It can change the course of your life with one car accident or doctor appointment. Your priorities shift with one accident in the garage.

We can’t plan for most of life. No matter how hard we try. We are at its mercy. The burns, the cuts, the rollovers – they happen so quickly. And the effects are so long-lasting.

In an instant – everything can change. All of our plans, dreams, and wishes. All of our priorities. With every breath we take, we are survivors.

We think we are so big. So powerful and in control. When in reality, we are so small. So weak. So powerless. 

I think we sometimes get a clue. We sometimes realize. When the hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornados roll in. We understand – but for a moment. When the virus spreads, we realize how blessed we all are – to simply escape.

I’m in awe at how big my God is. And how much He can love little ‘ol me. I forget. I forget and think I’m bigger than I am, sometimes. But I’m not so big after all. And He still loves me.

Everything can change in an instant though. I’m so glad that in “that instant” I’m not alone. My God’s there with me.

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