Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sometimes You Just Need To Look For Him

I have been in a stage of life recently where I have just been longing for God. I’ve been longing for more than just knowing Him in my heart or serving and worshipping Him. But I’ve been longing to hear from Him and experience His hand moving in my life.

You could say I’ve been longing for more of the supernatural.

I’ve been asking God to show Himself.  And I’m discovering that He is.  Not only is He revealing Himself to me, but I’m finding out that He’s not really hiding all those other times. I’m just not looking for Him.

I’ve been looking so hard lately. And I’m finding Him. I’m seeing what a personal God He is. Answering my heart’s prayers when I don’t really utter them – but the wishes sit there inside of me, anyways. I’m finding how often He looks out for my best interests and how often He does things out of love. And I feel that love. Greatly.

Want a couple examples?

We discovered that a sexual offender had moved across the street from us. He’d been there almost a year but we didn’t know of the circumstances all that time. I was so upset about it. I have two daughters and you can imagine how unnerved I was. Summer was coming and the location of this person – well they could see right into the back of our home and yard.  I started praying. HARD. I prayed in God’s name. Within ONE MONTH of praying, not only was this man gone, but the other unsavory people with him and the owner of the home as well!  I don’t see that as coincidence.

On our road trip this summer, I prayed for safety. We drove clear across the country. We skirted major, deadly storms in several states by one day. ONE DAY. Coincidence? I don’t believe so.

Those are just two recent examples of how God has lavished His love on me and done things that I could never do for myself.

And it only makes me long for Him more. To see more of His glory. For it is a feeling like no other and it touches my very soul.

God is out there. He’s right there in your life moving on your behalf. Doing things for you that you have no idea of. Sometimes you just need to look for Him.

And then you will find Him. 

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