Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mamas, What Are We Doing To Our Girls?

Went to the fair recently. LOVE the fair. The smells, the sounds, the atmosphere. It’s just fun. It brings back memories of being a kid and it’s just a carefree time of enjoying the outdoors and all the things/activities around you.

My husband and I roamed around together – alone – for the first time in years. It was so enjoyable. But we roamed into the amusement park ride area several times to check up on our girls and their friends. What I found there…broke my heart.

I saw girl after girl after girl after girl AFTER girl – dressed like – well – a slut, basically. YOUNG girls. Girls dressed in super small, tight shorts, half shirts that showed everything when they bent over, lacey tops, half shoulder tops, ripped tops – you name it. They were showing it off.

The thing is – I think they probably thought they were being trendy. Pretty. Sexy. But they just don’t understand.

The real vibe they are giving off is anything but a young, beautiful girl. And don’t get me wrong. Even young girls have a need to feel beautiful! But the vibe they were giving off is one of, “Here is my body – acknowledge it. Acknowledge ME!”  They were enticing, inviting, and tempting every young boy AND OLDER MAN who happened to lay eyes on them.

It’s no wonder sex crimes are up.

Men are responsible for how they think and for how they act on those thoughts. But we are also responsible for how we dress and how we incite or tempt wrongful thoughts. Don’t think we aren’t.

Mamas – where are you? Why do you let your precious daughter dress that way? Why do you not see a problem with her going out in barely nothing at all?  Girls 10-16 are much, much too young to be dressing (much less thinking about dressing) to show off their physique!

Girls in large part take their cues from their mothers. They see how we dress and take their cues from us on that. But also, they need boundaries and guidelines. We need to approve what clothes they buy and wear and enforce guidelines for decency and modesty. There are adorable, BEAUTIFUL tween and teenage girls out there who do not wear super short shorts and sexy shirts. 

I want my daughters to feel valued and valuable for more than outer beauty. I want them to respect themselves enough to dress elegantly and with class - and yes – even wear trendy clothes without compromising what someday only their husband should see and adore.

But from what I saw at the fair? Sadly, a lot of mothers aren’t doing their job of protecting the purity and value of their daughters.  And there’s just no other way to say it.


Kimmie said...

we just came back from the ocean...I think my family was the few who wore modest swim attire. I was shocked at the number of microscopic bikini's...on EVERYONE!

I agree. we need to take a stand. after all, we are to be in the world but not of the world. where is the dividing line?

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Dionna said...

Kimmie - Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.

I'm so sorry your family was bombarded with immodesty on your family vacation.