Sunday, September 9, 2012

It Isn't How You Begin, It's How You Finish

The path of life. It just doesn’t often go in the way we dreamed it would go when we were little kids.  Let’s face it. Life sometimes stinks. We are given raw deals more times than we can count. Things aren’t fair. We are left out, overlooked, hurt, and left disillusioned.

Oh, that sounds so gloomy!

For many, life started out rough.  Maybe you were born into the home of an alcoholic, or one that was full of abuse. Maybe death slammed into your life in many ways – taking away the people who were dear to your heart or who really believed in you.  Maybe life simply has felt unfair and your hopes, dreams, encouragements, and wishes have long since vanished.

What is the difference between people who overcome adversities and those who fall prey to them? Why do some of us rise above every “ill-conceived” thing that happens to us when others seem to only grow deeper in bitterness, resentment, and anger?

It’s not how we start the race of life. For many of us started out in unfair circumstances. It’s how we finish the race, that really matters.  Sure, the playing field seems stacked at times. Some people have many unfair advantages. But the one thing we all get a fair shot at is determination, perseverance, heart, soul, and hope. Those are given out to all of us if we would only reach for them.

The race of life for each one of us is still going on. It’s not over. There is still time to join in, catch up, and even get stronger.  Don’t let the stinky things in the past negatively impact the present. Don’t let it contaminate your life.

Let the past go. There is still time to come out a winner.  

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