Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why Some Dreams Never Come True

I have some dreams. Some of them have come true, some I have abandoned, and some I am still pressing towards.

I’ve always been a dreamer. I could always see the “possible.”   “Why not?” I would think. I could actually visualize myself in certain places, at certain times, living out certain dreams.

I’m also a people watcher. And watching others teaches me a lot. It helps me see things played out in living color and learn how to “re-work” parts of myself that need a little help.

In my life and in the life of those I’ve watched, I’ve seen why some dreams come true and why others do not. Of course there can be varying reasons. Sometimes life deals someone a hard blow and there is a huge setback. Sometimes someone’s interests change.  But the main reason I’ve discovered that my dreams and the dreams of others don’t come true? It’s because they get too hard. And we give up on them.

A simple reason. We give up because things get tough.

Sometimes the road to what we want is longer than we’d anticipated. Harder than we’d planned. The odds seem so stacked against us. Eventually we get discouraged, frustrated and we begin to believe that things ARE too hard, they MUST be stacked against us….and we resign ourselves to live our lives without.

We shortchange ourselves so many times. Limit our God. And we give up just before the dream can become a reality. For often, things ARE the hardest and toughest just before the blessing. Just before the victory. It’s right around the corner.

I believe God has gifted us with dreams. It’s what fuels us. Drives us. And often, what we were meant to be a part of. Don’t give up on them.  If your interests change – so will your dreams and that’s okay. But then go for that new vision in your heart and that new passion in your soul. 

Don’t be one of the many that fails to believe in yourself or your God.  Don’t let a little bit of “hard” and “tough” sway you so much that you give up on the joy that is waiting for you around that next bend.

Dreams DO still come true. You just have to be determined to hang in there until the process of getting you there is completed.

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