Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's Just Money

I’ve been in two lands. The land of having enough and the land of barely getting by. I was happy in both of them, but of course, the land of having enough was more fun.

I’ve decided though, that God needs to put us in the land of barely getting by from time to time so that we keep things in perspective. That we remember what to be thankful for, where are priorities lie, and what truly makes us happy.

Moving to San Antonio in September of 2013, we discovered very quickly that things were more expensive than our “research” had told us they would be. Groceries, hairdressers, insurance, stores, just about everything but gas. And my husband, being unemployed for awhile; this put the “squeeze” on us.

We couldn’t always buy ice cream like we were used to. We had to deny ourselves going out to eat many times. And we had to watch what we spent – carefully.

Yet, I was happy. Sure, I craved things. I wished I could spend on certain things. But I was so thankful and happy to be where I was, that it helped my attitude and it kept my priorities in check.

I’ve always tried to remember that money doesn’t buy you happiness. I’ve seen wealthy people who are very unhappy and so I’ve carried that knowledge within me. I've also been on food stamps. Yet, still, I’ve been blessed.  I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum.

God has always taken care of me. I’ve always had what I truly needed. And although I love having extra money so that I can buy my girls fun things to wear, or go out to the movies, or eat out whenever I want – it’s a good reminder to me that money comes and goes. You may have it for a while, but it can go as quickly and easily as it came. So enjoy it. Be wise with it. But don’t value it.

It’s just money. Use it for what it was created for. Buy what you need, sometimes what you want, and enjoy what you’ve been given.  Don’t be foolish, but be generous and wise with what God has given you. And when it’s gone, you won’t miss it as much because it may come again.

It’s only money. It’s a thing of life to enjoy – just like other things. But it’s never a thing to prioritize and esteem. For it will never hold its value.

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